Top-up Romanian prepaid phones

Top-up cell phones in Romania with Fonmoney
At Fonmoney, you can top up Romanian prepaid phones. Fonmoney offers simple, fast and anonymous services to its customers from all over the world. You can either top up your own or someone else's prepaid phone. The main operators in Romania are OrangeTelekom and Vodafone. With Fonmoney you can top up prepaid SIM cards from the three major Romanian operators. The service is available for all prepaid plans offered by the mobile operators.
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Top up Romanian prepaid phones online

1. Type the prepaid number you want to top up into the number field, remembering to include Romania's country code +40.

2. Choose the amount you want to top up.

3. Various amount options are available depending on the carrier.

4. Select one of the payment methods. We offer direct banking (sofort banking), Paysafecard or credit card.

5. Once the top-up has been sent, the receiving number will get a short message from their mobile network operator, plus a confirmation will be displayed on Fonmoney's page.
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