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Recharge mobile phones in Nicargua: Claro Nicaragua and Movistar Nicaragua. With our automated system, you can charge Claro Nicaragua and Movistar Nicaragua phones instantly, online and at the best price.
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How to send top up to Nicaragua, Claro Nicaragua or Movistar Nicaragua:
Recharging Claro Nicaragua and Movistar Nicaragua phones is very easy with the following steps:
  1. Write the number to be recharged with mobile top up in Nicaragua.
  2. Select the amount you want to load on the phone in Nicaragua.
  3. Pay online using one of the online payment methods we offer.
Top up for Numbers in Nicaragua, Claro Nicaragua or Movistar Nicaragua.

We work with the main phone companies in Nicaragua: Claro Nicaragua , or Movistar Nicaragua . With our service you can top up anytime, anywhere. Don't hesitate, your friends and family will thank you.
You are in another country and would like to get in touch with your family and friends in Nicaragua? You are in the right place! In times like these, communication is more important than ever. Nicaragua has two main mobile operators, Claro Nicaragua and Movistar Nicaragua. You don't have to go to a store or leave home to send cell phone credit to Nicaragua. We offer you transparency with no hidden fees. You always see what you end up paying to recharge Claro Nicaragua or Movistar Nicaragua.