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With Fonmoney it is possible to recharge mobile phones in Afghanistan. The credit is on the Afghan mobile phone within a very short time. With Fonmoney you can recharge recharge Afgan Wireless, recharge Etisalat Afghanistan ,recharge MTN Afghanistan recharge Roshan Afghanistan and recharge Salaam Afghanistan.
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How do you recharge a cell phone online in Afghanistan? How to send cell phone credit to Afghanistan: Afghan Wireless Afghanistan, Etisalat Afghanistan, MTN Afghanistan, Roshan Afghanistan, Salaam Afghanistan.
Thanks to our computer system, recharging mobile phones in Afghanistan is very easy and intuitive:
  1. First write the number of the mobile phone in Afghanistan you want to recharge on the charging form.
  2. You can then choose the amount you want to send to Afghanistan.
  3. Finally, only the payment remains. Depending on where you live, Fonmoney offers various payment options, e.g. B. Credit cards, bank transfers or Paysafecard.
Mobile phone credit Afghanistan

It doesn't matter which phone company in Afghanistan you want to top up. Etisalat Afghanistan , Afghan Wireless , MTN Afghanistan , Roshan Afghanistan , or Salaam Afghanistan with our service you can recharge anytime and anywhere. Do not hesitate, your friends and family in Afghanistan will thank you.
Recharge mobile phone credit in Afghanistan

How to recharge a mobile phone in Afghanistan

In this video we show how easy it is to send mobile credit to a mobile phone in Afghanistan.