How does money transfer to a bank account in Argentina work?

If you want to transfer money to a bank account in Argentina, you have to follow these steps: 1. First select the option: "Money by bank transfer". 2. Create an account at Fonmoney or log in to your account. 3. Now fill in the required data for your recipient in Argentina. These are: CUIT or CUIL, full name, account number and address. 4. Finally, you would only have to pay the payment using one of the available payment methods.
To get the money to its destination in the most efficient way possible, at Fonmoney we collaborate with the main banks in Argentina. In this way we can guarantee that your money will arrive safely, and with the amount you have chosen, to its final recipient.
When the transfer has been processed and completed, the money will appear in your recipient's bank account as soon as we notify you with an email. The recipient receives the full amount of money that you chose, and does not have to pay any extra commission.

How does it work to send cash to Argentina to Rapipago?

To receive the money in cash for your recipient in Argentina at one of the many Rapipago branches, you must select the cash delivery option. Next, you need to log in to your personal Fonmoney user account. If you don't already have an account with Fonmoney Argentina, create one. It's free and quick and easy. Now enter the data of the recipient in Argentina. This is the recipient's CUIT or CUIL number, full name, province and mobile number. It is very important that you enter the correct mobile number as your recipient in Argentina will be contacted by message to collect the money. If you have entered all the details correctly, you can proceed with the payment with one of the payment methods that we make available to you.
Fonmoney Argentina sends the money to Remitee in Argentina within a very short time. This is our partner in Argentina. Remitee transmits all information to Rapipago. A large network of Rapipago branches makes it easy to withdraw cash in Argentina.
Once the transfer has been processed, it's time to withdraw the funds. To do this, your recipient will be contacted by mobile phone and must follow a simple process. Within a very short time, the Remitee team will contact the recipient in Argentina via Whatsapp. The identity is checked automatically. This process is for the security of the money. The verification process in Argentina is described in detail here. Verification only needs to be done once every six months. Should difficulties arise here, a team is available in Argentina to provide quick and uncomplicated help. Once the recipient completes the verification process, they can withdraw the funds at the Rapipago branch of their choice.

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