Send money to Germany

Online money transfer to a bank account in Germany
How to send money to Germany?
  1. First, fill in the amount of money you want to send to a bank account in Germany into our currency converter.
  2. Second, register with Fonmoney and fill in some receiver information: name and bank data from the person in Germany whom you are sending money to.
  3. Choose an online payment option. You can send money to Germany and pay by bank transfer, Sofort banking or credit card.
  4. Within 1 to 2 working days your money transfer will be processed and sent to the bank account in Germany.
How much money do you want to send to Germany? Check out our exchange rate:

Your transfer to Germany

sending amount Transfer fee payment processing fee
100 BGN 0 BGN 0 BGN
your total receivable amount
100 BGN 51.04 EUR
exchange rate
1 BGN = 0.5104 EUR
fca regulated
The advantages of sending money to Germany with Fonmoney
  • Excellent exchange rates for money transfer to Germany
  • Send money to Germany without transfer fee or hidden costs
  • Professional and experienced advice from our customer service
  • 100% secure money transfer
Do you want to send money to Germany?

You can also send mobile credit
to Germany:
  1. Fill in the German telephone number you want to send money to

  2. Choose how much credit you want to send to the mobile phone in Germany

  3. Pay online. The mobile credit will be sent to the German mobile within a few minutes
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15.0000 16.5000 17.758311904236780812455616928 14.706539151413946014956201774
20.0000 21.9000 23.570123072896090896532000650 19.519588328240328347123685991
30.0000 32.8000 35.301371542967661251426923348 29.234817222204692684276570800