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Top up Colombian phones without registration
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Do you have family or friends in Colombia you would like to support? Why not recharge their mobile phones? In only three easy steps you can top up Colombian mobile phones from anywhere in Europe. Simply fill in the phone number, choose an amount and pay anonymously with Paysafecard. No registration needed!
Recharge Colombian
mobile phones

  • Fill in the Colombian phone number and click on 'recharge'
  • Choose the amount you want to top up. You can choose between 16.000 COP, 32.000 COP and 64.000 COP
  • Decide which payment method suits you best: you can pay by credit card, direct banking or Paysafecard
  • Within seconds, the Colombian mobile phone will be recharged
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70000.0000 18.3000 186.42261433631992007626525397 186.35008495414586785145160774 15.616999487967229902713773682
75000.0000 19.6000 199.66575087387270128386879660 199.58806913121633933816674927 16.726403823178016726403823178
15000.0000 3.9000 39.729409612658343622810627894 39.713952531211414460145424600 3.3282130056323604710701484895
30000.0000 7.8000 79.45881922531668724562125579 79.42790506242282892029084920 6.6564260112647209421402969790
50000.0000 13.0000 132.43136537552781207603542632 132.37984177070471486715141533 11.094043352107868236900494965
Top up a mobile phone in Colombia with Fonmoney!
There is a wide selection of mobile phone providers in Colombia, the biggest two being Claro and Movistar. With Fonmoney you can top up phones from these providers as well as all other providers in Colombia. Recharge comfortably from the comfort of your home within seconds and without registration.
Simply enter the Colombian phone number and choose the amount you want to top up. Fonmoney offers different payment methods, choose the one that suits you best. You can pay by credit card, direct banking or Paysafecard.
Whether you want to recharge your own Colombian mobile phone or help out a friend, it is simple and safe to top up prepaid phones with Fonmoney!