Top up Orange Poland

Recharge a mobile phone in Poland online with Fonmoney
How to top up a Polish Orange number online
  1. Type in the Orange number that you wish to top up, along with the country code for Poland 0048.

  2. Select the amount you want to send.

  3. You can top up Orange with 40 PLN, 50 PLN and 100 PLN.
  4. Pay for the top-up via credit card, direct banking (Sofort Banking) or Paysafecard.

  5. After the top-up is successful the recipient will get a text from the Orange network with the new balance.
Recharge Polish Top up from Orange
Fonmoney offers an attractive 24hr mobile top-up service for Orange Poland. Without needing to register, you can top up any Polish Orange phone. It has never been easier to support friends and family back home. Orange offers two types of starter packages to choose from: Zetafon or Minutofon. From there, Orange has a large range of plans available:
  • Top up Orange One
  • Top up Orange Pop
  • Top up New Orange Go
Orange Free is Orange’s mobile web service that gives access to the Internet in Poland.

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40.0000 11.1000 9.426751592356687898089171975 13.121761673343791337982298625 113.21043948444480171363114610 115.87940580880292887177674565
50.0000 13.9000 11.804670912951167728237791933 16.431755608962045008824680260 141.76802782286331025400657035 145.11024691372619020880151032
100.0000 27.7000 23.524416135881104033970276010 32.745297148794866672262132605 282.51614177649738806014258983 289.17653521656226394128070762
Orange Poland prepaid account information
To quickly access your account balance, you can enter code *154# and press send or dial *500 and receive your account information (Orange Poland will charge you a small fee) .

To activate your Orange voicemail, send an SMS to the number 501 containing the word "START" or just send code *105*1#.

To deactivate your voicemail, send an SMS to the number 501 including the word "REZ" or type in the code *105*1*1# and press send.
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100 EUR 0.0 EUR 0 EUR
your total receivable amount
100.0 EUR 452.74 PLN
exchange rate
1 EUR = 4.5274 PLN
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