Top-up Avea Turkey

Send Avea top-up around the world online
Prepaid mobile phones can be topped up from all over the world via Fonmoney. This online process is fast and secure and does not require registration. You can top up Avea's prepaid plans and support friends and family in Turkey. Avea offers numerous plans for their prepaid customers, such as Yıkılan Paket and S.E.C. paketleri, which cover everyone's indivdual needs.
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How to top-up prepaid mobile phones in Turkey
  1. Enter the Turkish Avea prepaid number that you wish to recharge.

  2. Then, choose how much Avea top-up you wish to send to the Turkish prepaid mobile phone.

  3. The Avea top-up can be easily paid via credit card, direct banking or Paysafecard.

  4. The Turkish Avea prepaid phone receives the top-up amount instantly, along with an SMS from Avea.
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30.0000 4.2700 43.283536074145211201048764510 3.6439665471923536439665471924 5.0069593216801338628749796263
50.0000 7.1200 72.173015655249157787228853235 6.0761222051544632189793480116 8.348840836150480820531581953
Recharge Avea prepaid mobile phones in Turkey

Avea Turkey prepaid account information
  • You can check your Avea balance information by dialing *123#.
  • Avea balance information can also be received by calling the number 9333.
  • Customer service can be reached under 444 1500 from Turkey and under +90 5551500500 when abroad.
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Transfer money to Turkey

Sending amount Transfer fee Payment processing fee
100 EUR 1.99 EUR 0 EUR
Your total Receivable amount
101.99 EUR 993.79 TRY
Exchange rate
1 EUR = 9.9379 TRY
FCA regulated