Recharg Inwi online. Recharge Inwi Internet online.

Top up Inwi Morocco online. Top up Inwi phones and Inwi internet now!
Buying a top up Inwi is quick and easy with Fonmoney. By purchasing Inwi credit for cell phones or Inwi internet you can make your parents and friends happy abroad. We all need phone credit! Inwi offers a wide range of prices for prepaid cards, internet with or without subscription, roaming and fixed telephony.
Recharge Inwi Morocco. Recharge Inwi Internet online
  1. Enter the country code (+215 for Morocco) and then type the telephone number.
  2. You have at your disposal 4 amounts Inwi top-up: 75MAD, 100MAD, 150MAD or 200MAD.
  3. With Fonmoney you have various payment methods at your disposal to top up your Inwi credit: credit card, direct bank transfer with Sofort Banking and Paysafecard.
  4. Fonmoney directly reloads the number provided; Inwi informs the customer by sending a confirmation message.
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50.0000 5.9000 5.1228157512025953686094641463 6.4939138320484227613636634109 8.797766421585545529629902912 7.0215860215693601788005226916
100.0000 11.8000 10.245631502405190737218928293 12.987827664096845522727326822 17.595532843171091059259805824 14.043172043138720357601045383
Inwi recharge online

How to find out how much Inwi credit you have left:
You can check your balance for free by calling 150.

Or by dialing the direct access code 1502 .