Top up Plus Poland

Recharge mobile phone top-up for Poland Plus online
How to recharge a Polish Plus mobile phone number online
  1. Type in the Poland Plus mobile number along with country code +48.
  2. Select the Poland Plus top-up amount you wish to recharge.
  3. Fonmoney offers amounts of 40 PLN, 50 PLN, 80 PLN and 100 PLN for Polish Plus mobile phone recharges.
  4. Select one of the available payment options to pay for your Plus top-up: credit card, Paysafecard and SOFORT Banking (bank account transfer).
  5. Fonmoney notifies the sender of the successful mobile phone top-up. Plus Poland will send a message confirming the completed transaction.
Do you want to recharge Poland Plus mobile top-up?
Sending a top-up to Plus prepaid numbers with Fonmoney is easy, fast and anonymous. By sending mobile top-ups to friends and family you can support your family and loved ones with something they need!
Plus offers a variety of products:
  • Poland Plus Plusie Mix
  • Pland Plus Mixa
  • Poland Plus MixV
  • Plus also offers various types of SIM cards for modems, tablets and mobile Internet within its Plus CDMA network. These cards can also be topped up via Fonmoney!

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    50.0000 13.9000 11.804670912951167728237791933 16.438634812771045296126040572 141.73369565345938651960987213 145.11793384099937438576863624
    100.0000 27.7000 23.524416135881104033970276010 32.759006065737982352711606032 282.44772443171402925130888186 289.19185376947357341624397294
    Poland Plus mobile phone recharge

    Watch how to top-up Poland Plus step by step

    • Type *100# into the phone number field and press send. You will receive information about current funds and the validity period of your credit.
    • You will also receive an SMS after each call with information about the duration and cost of the call (this option can be turned off).
    • Dial *121# for information about the validity of your Plus prepaid card.
    • You can hide your number by dialling #31# as well as the number you want to hide your number from (e.g. #31#691234567).
    • To get somebody else within the Plus network to call you, send them a request by entering the following code: *139*NUMBER#, (e.g. *139*0691534567#)
    • To activate Plus roaming, send *101*11*01#, to deactivate it send *101*00*01#.
    • To extend the validity period of your credit, just send *136*11*10#. The activation of the extended period costs 10 zł.
    Additionally to recharging Plus top-up you can also send money to Poland:

    Transfer money to Poland

    sending amount Transfer fee payment processing fee
    100 EUR 0.0 EUR 0 EUR
    your total receivable amount
    100.0 EUR 452.80 PLN
    exchange rate
    1 EUR = 4.5280 PLN
    fca regulated