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Recharge Play Poland mobile phones with Fonmoney
You can easily and safely top up Play's prepaid plans around the clock via Fonmoney. Use it to top up your own or someone else's mobile phone! Topping up mobile phones is cheaper than traditional money transfers and the recipient doesn't have to worry about any additional costs. The Play product range includes Play MIXTura, Karte Lubie, Rok Waci Konta as well as the Red Bull mobile card. Play also offers the following products to surf the mobile web: Online-Card All Inclusive9, All Inclusive 19, Zestaw 16 GB and Zestaw Internet na Rok.

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Top up a Play Poland mobile phone online with Fonmoney
  • Enter the Play mobile phone number you wish to top up, including the country code for Poland (0048).
  • Select a top-up option.
  • We offer top-ups of 40 PLN, 50 PLN, 80 PLN and 100 PLN.
  • You can choose from several payment methods, including all common credit cards, direct banking (Sofort Banking) as well as Paysafecard.
  • Once the top-up is successful, a notification is displayed on our webpage and Play will send an SMS to the mobile phone.
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40.0000 11.1000 9.472606246799795186891961086 13.015749056358193414030977483 50.970974879604321228686710931 113.03201874267864115579851617 113.07601197448913184953794093
50.0000 13.9000 11.862092507253797576378221540 16.299001070574674635588341172 63.828518092477483340427502877 141.54460004713811820410805178 141.59969067075666060437634044
100.0000 27.7000 23.638846219491380781703362348 32.480743140641617798978205070 127.19783821306663946257854890 282.07089361911696937077647729 282.18067853093233803893702376

  • Dial *111# to display your current balance and its validity period.

  • Check package status by dialling *101#. Check how many free minutes are left by dialling *102 #. Check how many MB are still available by dialling *105#.

  • In the case you have forgotten your own number, you can check it by dialling *121#.

  • You can ask another person within the Play Poland network to give you a call by dialling *120# including the number of the person, e.g. *120#0501234567.

  • You can also ask someone else to top up your phone by sending the code *152# including the number of the person. E.g. *152#0501534567.

  • To change the hold music or check for new songs, just dial *133#.
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Transfer money to Poland

Sending amount Transfer fee Payment processing fee
100 EUR 0.0 EUR 0 EUR
Your total Receivable amount
100.0 EUR 459.77 PLN
Exchange rate
1 EUR = 4.5977 PLN
FCA regulated