Top-Up Natcom Haiti

Top-up Natcom prepaid mobile phones in Haiti
Do you want to top up a Haitian Natcom mobile phone? Do you want to recharge a number in just a few minutes without having to create an account or pay additional costs? Then you’ve come to the right place, because that is what Fonmoney does! As an international top-up service we provide you with fast and secure online mobile recharges for Natcom cellphones. What better way to support your family and friends in Haiti? Natcom, one of Haiti’s most popular mobile operators, provides its customers prepaid tariffs that can be customised with specific mobile Internet options. Plus, go check out the very attractive seasonal prepaid packages offered by Natcom Haiti!
How to Top-up Natcom mobiles in Haiti?
  1. Start recharging a Natcom mobile in Haiti by entering the phone number in the blank field.

  2. Once the system checks the validity of your Natcom phone number you can choose the desired top-up amount to send to Haiti. At Fonmoney you can top up a Natcom cellphonewith 10 USD, 15 USD, 20 USD or 25 USD.

  3. Next, select your preferred payment method. Fonmoney offers credit card, Paysafecard or Sofort Banking.

  4. Finally, just complete the payment details. After the transaction is complete, we will send the Natcom prepaid credit automatically to Haiti, after which you should receive a message from your mobile operator with your new balance.
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5.0000 5.1000 4.3522785458269329237071172555 4664.6486489071038251366120217 31.562961748633879781420765028 1096.1016844262295081967213114 119.02853073770491803278688524 5.5748824185372408722662529764
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20.0000 20.5000 17.494452978323946065881549752 18750.058294626593806921675774 126.87072859744990892531876139 4405.8989275956284153005464479 478.44801571038251366120218578 22.408841094120281937540820787
  • To check your current Natcom Haiti balance, please type in 110.
  • Registration is free for the roaming service. We advise activating it before you leave the country, just call 2222 8888/111/110. Attention: The Global Roaming Feature must be turned on directly from your mobile device by going to: Menu -> Natcom Haiti -> Global Roaming -> ON (Active / Enable).
  • In case you forgot to register for the roaming service and are already abroad you can activate it by calling +509 2222 8888. Once you are back, you can deactivate it manually by following these steps: Menu Natcom Haiti -> Global Roaming -> OFF (Off /off).
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