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With Fonmoney you can recharge Mexican cell phones: AT&T, Alo Mexico, Cierto Mexico, Movistar Mexico, OUI Mexico, Telcel Mexico, Unefon Mexico USD, or Virgin Mexico online and also send money to Mexico to a bank account from Europe with full guarantee.
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150.0000 6.8000 6.0608767411887777516183134585 7.3185770272006126984665572795 70.251425568767880427378705054 68.494577486717396804390557201
300.0000 13.6000 12.121753482377555503236626917 14.637154054401225396933114559 140.50285113753576085475741011 136.98915497343479360878111440
500.0000 22.7000 20.232632650733125729667016987 24.431132134919692390469242683 234.51578829573983613257303011 228.65101602183601580289200713
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100 EUR 0 EUR 0 EUR
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100 EUR 2362.01 MXN
exchange rate
1 EUR = 23.6201 MXN
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