Top-Up Digicel Haiti

Top-up Digicel prepaid mobiles phones in Haiti

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Welcome to Fonmoney, the place where you can top up Haitian Digicel mobile phones in just a few steps. What makes us so popular? No registration, transparent and fair prices, plus no hidden fees. Sounds great, right? So head over and top up phones for all those you love!
How to top-up Digicel mobiles in Haiti
  1. To start the process, please enter the Digicel number that you want to top up in Haiti in the blank field.
  2. Next, select the amount you want to send to the Digicel mobile phone in Haiti. At Fonmoney you can recharge Digicel mobiles in Haiti with 10 EUR, 15 EUR, 20 EUR or 25 EUR.
  3. Finally, select the payment plan that is most convenient for you. Fonmoney offers paying by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), Sofort Banking or Paysafecard.
  4. Once the payment is successful, the Digicel number in Haiti will be charged. The recipient should also receive a notification with the updated balance.
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15.0000 15.4000 13.085223893278953182088537683 16.527122446541914379547973022 18.212588209832668889233167253 22.776589964863896382199442034
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20.0000 20.5000 17.418642195598606508624352111 22.000390269747353557190483568 24.244029759842189105797397966 30.319486641539602326953802708
Digicel Haiti prepaid mobile phone account information
  • Digicel is Haiti’s largest mobile operator, with over 2,5 million subscribers. Digicel Haiti is always surprising its customers with new and varied promotions as well as great prepaid plans such as Pale Palew, Pale Pam, Pale Net, Pale Doub and Pale Toujou, so there is something for everyone! It doesn’t matter if you prefer quick chats or long conversations, if you want to keep in touch every day, prefer to keep your prepaid plan simple, or are trying to dispose of mobile data, Digicel Haiti has exactly what you are looking for.
  • To check your Digicel balance, just type *120# into your phone and press the call button. A message with your available credit should then appear on the screen.
  • Do you want to activate or check your voicemail? Quickly done: Just call 123 and follow the instructions.
  • Another possibility for checking your voicemail is to call 37000003 from a landline. You will be asked to enter your phone number and password. The initial password is 0000 but that can be changed later.
Recharge Digicel Haiti.

How to Top Up Digicel Haiti