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700.0000 29.0000 25.192621703185412636660650121 696.29842299422555569138723299 32.054856022417020827790202381
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Transfer money to Cuba in CUP or USD

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100 EUR 7.50 EUR 0 EUR
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107.50 EUR 109.96 USD
exchange rate
1 EUR = 1.0995 USD
fca regulated
Sending money to Cuba with Fonmoney has a lot of advantages

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  • Fonmoney offers 4 methods to send money to Cuba: recharge an AIS card CUP or USD (MLC), create a new AIS card USD (MLC)send money to be picked up in cash CUP
    or transfer money to a bank account in Cuba CUP or USD (MLC).
  • You can pay online by credit card, direct banking or bank transfer.
  • Our customer service is friendly and professional. We are happy to help you send money to Cuba.
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